Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Colour love

I had a surprising call this morning asking, would I be home for a delivery of flowers?

For flowers? Absolutely.

Aren't they gorgeous? They are from my cousin, a little celebration for making it through an uppy downy week. And such perfect timing, because they arrived while I was sitting down with a bowl of felted wool hearts and bucket of enthusiasm for blanket stitching them. In fact, just moments before I had cut a length of orange wool/silk blend to work on a navy houndstooth one.

So matchy, in that love it! kind of way.

Even better timing - we're due for a big snowfall tonight and tomorrow, so big I've heard talk of school closures.

I'm having visions of the deep snows of past winters that feature staying home to dig out the driveway and overly optimistic drivers, then coming in to thaw out over a steaming cup of hot chocolate. All in midweek - totally stolen time - with lots of blanket-stitched hearts for company and lovely flowers to scent the room and rest my eyes after acres of brilliant white snow.

hope hope hope...

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