Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stealth crafting and other updates

Hello, I'm Mary!  You may remember me from such blog entries as Where Is The Nearest Chocolate? and No, I'm Still Not Writing.

I've actually been up to a lot of interesting stuff lately in addition to eating chocolate and not writing, including some successful crafty items I want to tell you about.  Unfortunately I've also been out sick or helping other sickies for a couple of weeks so none of the pictures made their way to the blog. Some teasers, while I sort through photographs for tutorial posts:

If you drop by here on any sort of regular basis you'll know where the materials for these projects came from, but I will admit I'd be entertained by guesses in comment form.

In other news...

My desk, which was beautiful and tidy on January 1, is disorganized again, the sorting baskets full of odds and ends that are cascading down.

I have a mix for chocolate brownies in the pantry, purchased after I tasted some baked from said mix at a friend's house.  It's for emergencies, and since I seem to be out of chocolate again today might be one.

I can breathe again following 4 days of a killer cold.

I have new knit socks to wear out to an Important Meeting today.

I have the kind of life where I can get away with wearing outfits involving handknit socks to Important Meetings.

There is another stealth craft underway that I'm especially excited about.

It looks like I'm going to be able to swing by my favourite gourmet shop today for my super most favourite chicken pies, of which I ran out about a month ago.

It just snowed enough to cast a clean blanket over the stuff that's been stomped over by any number of living things of all ages, and pee'd upon by what appears to be roving packs of neighbourhood dogs - seriously, there's nothing like snow to tell you when the dog population is going up in your area - and now the sun is shining, so it's pretty out.


I have the fixings for a super fabulous grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

It's going to be a  great weekend.

How 'bout for you?

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