Monday, February 28, 2011

Saved by walnut cookies

Last week I got food poisoning and spent about 36 hours either asleep or wishing my stomach would be transplanted into a lake approximately 487 miles due west of my then-present position.  About 20 hours in, my friend Rosa happened to delivered cookies in lieu of the ones she wanted to make me at Christmas but was too sick for, herself.

Don't they look just like walnuts?

When I got past the soda cracker stage, I gave in to the illusion that they might be mostly protein without too much fat and tried one.

It wasn't sweet. It was actually pretty much like eating a walnut but with the texture of a soft biscuit.  I imagined being well and drinking coffee at Rosa's (Rosa makes wicked coffee too, and I say that without even liking coffee under normal circumstances) and eating these cookies; they would be perfect together.

Over the next few days I ate a few more, gingerly and then less so as things started to settle down.  They totally took the sting out of not being able to face chocolate even though I was miserable and wanted comfort food.  Treated as dessert, they made plain boiled eggs seem like a sumptuous lunch.

I guessed that Rosa has a walnut-shaped cookie mold and pressed in some walnutty dough to get each shell, then pasted them together with the walnutty filling (I asked her today: I was right.)  I thought about acquiring such a mold myself.  I wondered whether she'd give me the recipe.  I decided that I want to recuperate with walnut cookies next time I get food poisoning, which I hope will be never.

Finally I thought I'd better take a picture before they were all gone.  And now that they are I'm glad I did, aren't you?


Kathleen Taylor said...

ooohhhh..... they look yummy!

Silver said...

Once or twice I've found walnut-shaped cookies (were they shortbread?) with chocolate inside. The package suggested that I heat them slightly before eating, which makes the chocolate all gooey ... If I could make my own, that would be the BEST. THING. EVER.

Or, you know. One of the best. ;)

Mary Keenan said...

these cookies were pure walnut with walnut goo inside, not even chocolate. And - oh crumbs Silver, you got me again. Every single time we talk about desserts! I'm going to have to go stalk my friend till she gives me the recipe now, sigh ;^)