Friday, May 28, 2010

Adolescence: complete

Whew. It still hasn't sunk in that I finally have a full driver's license.

At my age!

After about 10 years of knowing I was going to have to get it dealt with!

In spite of the 14 mistakes I found marked on my test report after the dust settled yesterday!

But it's true: I've finished that project. And as it's hard on the heels of another finished project that should have been completed while I was still in high school (getting braces), I now feel that my adolescence is finally all wrapped up.

Translation: I get to have my 20s now.

The first thing I did after dropping by the office where I needed to renew the license and have my picture taken was to drive to the grocery store for this:

I hadn't tried this flavour before but they were out of Vanilla Swiss Almond (chocolate-covered almonds in vanilla ice cream for bonus protein) so I succumbed to the melty looking caramels. It's great and I did eat the whole thing before bedtime. I still like VSA best though.

And now that I've had all that sugar and a pretty good sleep I'm thinking...

... time to get back to work on that novel? A novel is a good thing to write in your 20s.

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TexNan said...

Congrats! I've had my 'puter in the shop and other things on my mind for a while so looks as if I've missed a number of your posts. Will have to catch up. In the meantime, yay, you! (I can't wait for the novel. Love your writing. BTW, I was thinking the other day that I only have one of Bob's. I've been missing him and all of MWF. I need to get to Arline's site and order what she has of Bob's books!)