Thursday, May 20, 2010

What to do: handkerchief edition

Okay, I have to do something about the handkerchief problem (the one where I keep buying them at rummage sales etc. and not knowing with to do with them.)

Mum says embroidered ones especially are for show, not for blow - but honestly, how does one show a handkerchief in this day and age? I keep thinking they would make fabulous-looking pockets... but maybe not such strong ones.


Well, in the meantime, come and see the two I bought last weekend:

a 'P' for mum

and an 'M' for me.

Definitely, these are for show.

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Unknown said...

Actually, when I was expecting my first child, one of my mother's friends made a little baby bonnet out of an old hankie and ribbon. It has a poem with it and it's for the baby's Christening and then, if it's a girl, to carry with her wedding flowers or, if it's a boy, for is wife to carry.