Monday, May 17, 2010

Elephant man

There is a scene in the 1980 film Elephant Man that has stuck with me all these years: John Merrick, inspired by a picture of a child sleeping peacefully on his side, rejects the sleeping position of sitting up with head on knees he had long since adopted to allow him to breathe under the weight of his head.

Well, last night I was faced with the same sort of judgment call, having been struck down with another wicked cold. For some reason, both my sinuses closed over completely for, I think, about five hours. That is a long time to be mouth breathing in any position.

After trying to keep it up for all five hours (ever drink water while unable to breathe?) I remembered that eating might help, and it did. Eating solves an annoying number of problems, I find. By morning both sinuses had cleared and today I am merely miserable.

And super busy, as I've moved a lot of things around to go to funeral events tonight and tomorrow and still need to pack, something that is always an adventure.

Mostly though I have to figure out how to show support without spreading germs. H'mmmmm. If I don't make it in here tomorrow, you'll know I figured it out.

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