Thursday, May 6, 2010


It's spring, so naturally everything is pretty and in bloom and stuff, but this year I'm noticing more than usual.

Like, the deep red purple blossoms on the crabapple tree at the house on the far corner? They are beautiful. And when they fall to the ground and are blown by wind and the whish of passing feet to the edge of the deep green grass? WHOA.

I totally want to do something with those colours together, but I'll just have to remember what they look like and/or carry my camera with me next year because they were stunning for one day and by the next, they were dry and darker and you wouldn't even notice them if you hadn't seen them in their prime.

And yesterday when it was breezy, the leaves were moving - we have full leaves already on the avenue of trees that shade our street - and as I walked along it the road looked like a river reflecting the light back up at me.

When the days are like this I feel like it's the 1950s of travel ads, everything clean and perfect and hopeful (with the fallout shelters tucked back behind some shrubs) and I can pretend I am 7 years old again (with a housekey and computer and candy jar privileges.)

I mean, look at this. Doesn't that bit of sky just make you melt?

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