Monday, May 24, 2010

Three little words

1. Driving
2. Knitting
3. Takeout

Three days and counting, people: and amazingly, I feel nearly ready for what will hopefully be the last road test of my life.

(though even more hopefully, not because said road test will mark the end of same.)

Saturday morning, I had a fabulous driving lesson that involved repeat loops around two different highways, including The Busiest Highway In North America (TM). I felt so comfortable afterward that I actually drove out of town on it later in the day to take some friends out for supper and one of my passengers was sufficiently comfortable to doze off.

(we will not discuss the left I had to make onto a busy 4-lane road out of a movie complex when I came across an unexpected No Left Turn sign en route to the restaurant, apart from noting that banshee-like acceleration foiled the Lincoln behind me in its efforts to make contact. Thank you Manny for that tip.)

However, since I have to have two lots of (actual, professionally-commissioned) knitting work done by test day or the day after, I am feeling somewhat less poised about that element of this month's non-writing endeavors. Saturday's meal wasn't takeout, so I brought my knitting along, and I did a lot of it while we waited for a table.

Sunday being a day of rest, I drove friends to another friend's place about twice as far away via another highway, where they all swam and played and I sat under a patio umbrella and knit some more. More knitting more knitting more knitting, takeout, more knitting and a movie:

A Kid for Two Farthings

which I really liked and highly recommend.

Today is a statutory holiday where I live so naturally I'm about to go drive some more and then -

Yeah, well. I bet you can guess. And then out for supper again to another knitting-friendly restaurant because I am out of takeout places/officially sick of pizza.

Happy Victoria Day!*

* alternate choice for those three little words

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