Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Too ready?

I had a great driving lesson on Saturday and at the end of it my instructor said Well, I'm pleased to see you're multitasking now. The downside is, you're not quite ready to do that.


This was mostly a reflection of my chatting while driving, something I will not be doing on the actual test since examiners limit their conversation to things like "When safe to do so, move one lane to the left." Even I can't find much to work with there.

But yesterday, when I rushed out of the house under pressure for practice time, and again today when I had my last lesson before the test, I noticed I'm definitely getting sloppy - even a little aggressive - with my city driving.

Maybe I'm practicing too much, to the point where I'm comfortable and not paying so much attention to every detail? Maybe it would be good if I took tomorrow off entirely, and just went over everything one last time right before I have the test on Thursday?

Or maybe these two bad practice sessions are the consequence of forgetting my St. Christopher medals at home and I should stop obsessing and get a good sleep.

I kind of like that idea, actually. All it's missing is the chocolate.


Kathleen Taylor said...

actually, forgetting that you're driving is the sign that you're ready. Be alert, be careful, but just drive- you can do it.

Binnie Brennan said...

Today in your honour I executed a perfect parallel parking job. It wasn't intentional, but it proved the point that it can be done without too much thought. Go, Mary!