Monday, June 2, 2008

Bags of (so cool) Bags

Note I did not say Awesome, even though they are.

I feel a new bag frenzy coming on since Bazura came out with a new line of woven bags. All their stuff is made in a co-operative from juice boxes, advertising banners, and other things with short lifespans that would otherwise go to landfill and never decompose. It's the indestructibility factor that makes them so amazing for bags: your arm is going to break from carrying two tons of milk plus apples, before the bag will. Also the juice box ones stand open when you put them on the floor - never fall over - and even if they had eyes, they could get wet without batting one.

I have a bunch of sizes of juice box bags for everything from groceries to beach time to treks with paperwork in tow, and I've given one of those or the banner bags to practically everybody I can think of who might enjoy them, but... yeah, I definitely need more things from Bazura.

Their website in the delay tactics list, if you want to check them out for yourself.

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