Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Toast is a word of admirable diversity. I mean, how many other ones can mean everything from You're dead, to Would you like a delicious snack?

My preference is obviously the latter, using really, really good bread, preferably made from scratch by me when I was supposed to be doing something else. LOVE when it's toasted and cooled and buttered lightly and served with tea and some really good chocolate, and typing that makes me think I need to get some seriously good chocolate and even better bread into the house stat, especially since I mysteriously ran out of fudgsicles yesterday. But there are just so many other great options... butter and jam or honey or grape jelly, or just plain with some kind of nut butter. Or, of course, beans or sardines or mashed avocado. Bread or scones or bagels or even croissants... toasted croissants are just a big ol' wow.

Makes me think of that great British band's (cover of the?) song about toast, which I can't seem to find on YouTube... if I do, I'll post it. But first, I might sort out some ingredients for bread. All this heat and humidity is crummy for me, but perfect for proofing dough.

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