Monday, June 30, 2008


Okay, for the record, I've been a very good writing girl lately, as the shocking state of my house would prove if I dared to post pictures. But there's no ignoring the teetering stack of unread magazines at the table. So I've been carving out bits of time to read them, mostly at meals. And one thing you don't want to read about at a meal in this neck of the woods is people eating bugs.

Though Time magazine would have you think otherwise, and Bryan Walsh sounds awfully persuasive. Check Delay Tactics if you don't believe me. Among the dishes described in this article (which praises bugs as a climate-friendly source of protein) are
batter-fried scorpions
crickets and orzo
water bug and watermelon
tossed salad with moth larvae, ants, and stinkbugs

Yeah, I'd toss that. Bryan describes the larvae as 'meaty' and 'flavorful' but I don't think I could get past the look of them.

Now if you could somehow eat mosquitoes... mmmm, poetic justice.

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