Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I hate chocolate. Really.

I hate chocolate so much that I can't stand to have any of it in the house. So when somebody brings it in, or for some reason I buy it (out of some purely charitable impulse, since naturally I can't let my local shopkeeps go out of business) I have to make it go away as soon as possible. By eating it of course. I mean, how can I let it just go to waste?

Yes, well. I'm off to the gym today and while I can guarantee I will not put in an extra hour on the elliptical trainer afterward, I am getting closer to being emotionally prepared for making such a decision. You know, when the weather gets nicer. And in the meantime I'm just very annoyed that somebody left a lot of chocolate here, and very grateful that there aren't any more chocolate-themed holidays coming up any time soon.

Oh, wait.

So maybe I should dig out the books on tape again, for something to do while ellipticizing?


Karen said...

I've always thought it sucked that you cannot knit while on the elliptical. This, to me, would make it the perfect exercise.
But I feel your pain re. the chocolate. Soon as this bronchitis lifts, I'm back to the gym.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I exercize so that I CAN eat chocolate. For many years, choc gave me migraines, but that seems to have passed, so it's worth 45 minutes on the treadmill for my bit at lunch and my little cup of choc chips at 8:00pm. No one gets between me and my chips.

Playground Confidential said...

I need to exercise because I had a baby, but I cannot find the time/energy because I have a baby. As soon as my last baby got big enough for me to re-gain my figure I got excited and had another baby . . . so chocolate it is, for now. Or, as you say, until the weather gets nicer.

Mary Keenan said...

Karen, you are totally onto something about the elliptical trainer. I bet you could knit on a stationary bike...

I need to exercise because even at a fairly low, perfectly healthy weight I get painful knee and hip problems (and me still miles from my old age pension.) But if I exercise more than I do, I have to give away more already-sparse writing time.

Sometimes I tell myself that I have to see a trainer to keep my knee and hip in shape but I know the truth: if I wasn't paying somebody to make me exercise, I'd have my nose to the keyboard instead.

Now if I could just stop eating chocolate the minute I get home from the gym... :^)

st. jude said...

Hey don't worry. I read something in my awesome solves-everything neuroplasticity book that IMAGINING exercise can actually build muscle mass. That's what you want, right?

So imagine you're on the elliptical while knitting, and just take a break from the chocolate charity while you're at it. Problem solved!

JMS said...

I'm sorry - but no one can hate chocolate THAT much! There must always be chocolate in your house.

Even if I have to send it to you!

Jennifer @ Random Ramblings