Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend getaways

I spent my Saturday out of town at a thing for the yarn-obsessed. Not therapy as such - though that might have been useful - unless you count the retail variety. All the way there I thought, I should be writing. And then I didn't even wait to get inside before I struck up a conversation with a very nice woman about the spinning wheel at her side.

Things I did not buy:
A spinning wheel
A box of hand-dyed roving to spin into yarn
Mohair-wool blend hand-dyed yarn

Better not to ask what I did buy; you'll only encourage me. It's enough to know that I don't need to shop for yarn again for a very, very long time. Like more than a year, probably. And to keep up my procrastinatory efforts should any of that fail me, I treated myself to a drop spindle (aka another thing you really don't want to know anything more about.)

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Kathleen Taylor said...


the wheel won't be far behind...