Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mitten wrapup

These are the last photos before I wrap these babies and declare MittenFest officially complete. This pair is for a mother and son:

And they are two of the very few I know that sort of thing about. I deliberately matched the palm of the bigger pair to the fabric of the smaller - sweet, yes? You'd almost think I hadn't run out of fabric from the Fair Isle sweater I used for the backs.

I know who these are going to as well:

This was my personal favourite outer sweater and the lining sweater, which produced a ton of mitts, was the softest. I didn't have to do anything extra to make these look special.

Didn't have to do anything extra for these, either:

What's not to love about a Laura Ashley sweater in wool and silk?

I got a little better at blanket stitch after the first few tries, and eventually I decided to risk doing some in a contrast colour that would show:

Then I got addicted, and added some to this pair that really looked fine without any trim at all:

And finally, the little birdies. I so love how these came out!

I think I made 14 pairs of these this year, with another cut out to sew together later. If I was very very smart, I'd do a few more in January to be ready for next year - it's such a fun project, and so much faster than knitting 20 hats.

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