Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing if not organized

I got my weekend all set up on Friday night:

That stack on the left is, I think, ten pairs of mittens, cut and matched and ready to sew.

Plus some leftover sweater bits ready to be cut into something interesting for the back of another pair that had to be cut from a decidedly dull fabric.

Naturally, the weekend went sideways immediately thereafter, but thanks to

not sleeping and

not watching Turner Classic Movies

I still managed to put together all but one pair (which are destined for me, and can wait.) Some of the others still need some trimming and pressing, and one pair were a complete disaster whose only hope is really excellent blocking, and I'm getting closer to being able to put up my Christmas tree in spite of all that.

Because did I mention the only place the tree can go is the only place the sewing machine can go when it's in use?

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