Friday, December 18, 2009

wine collecting conundrum

Yesterday I read a cartoon about a '93 Pinot and thought


It's a good thing I don't drink.

As it is, I can't figure out how collectors balance the whole Cake And Eat It Too thing. Doesn't aging the wine make it taste better, while increasing its rarity (assuming that other collectors were weak and uncorked it)? So you have to hang onto the wine, training yourself not to drink it, knowing you'll have something terribly exciting in a few decades' time to reward you for the effort - BUT - you're probably so well-trained by the time it's on the brink of undrinkable, it's probably a bittersweet moment when you finally get to pour it for your friends.

There are some skeins of hand-dyed yarn I can't bear to wind into a ball to knit with, they're so beautiful and precious, and yet consuming yarn just transforms it into something useful. Wine - not so much.

Those wine collectors must have amazing self-discipline.

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