Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I dare you: click here and take a look at the beautiful photographs, each of them with something to say. Your mileage may vary, but this is what I'm hearing.

The one with the wreath over the fireplace:

"Hello, and thank you. I am very beautiful! I was made by somebody with her own craft studio, plus storage space where I now live comfortably in the off-season."

The perfectly-proportioned candies-in-bowl shot:

"Why yes, I do look inviting, don't I. Guess where I am? On a horizontal surface not already occupied by sixteen other things. Maybe you'd like to leave this blog and go look at real estate listings instead, h'mmmm?"

The festive tray of Santa mugs, carrying with it the suggestion of each member of the family enjoying hot chocolate in one of his or her own (a suspicion confirmed at the very end of this entry, by the way):

"Go. Just go and clean out the storage room. You still won't have space for your own collection of Santa mugs, but it's cheaper than moving and you'll feel better."

Well, I have duly cleared out the storage room and I do not feel better. But I did purge a lot of boxes and papers and stuff for Goodwill and I found a book I'd quite like to read, and I guess that's something. Right?

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