Thursday, May 13, 2010


I was just reading over the past few entries here and, yup, I'm still thinking about all the the same stuff.

That watch I got with my new running shoes, the one I may not have mentioned I felt a bit dopey about because when would I ever need a watch that controls an iPod? This week the strap on my old watch broke, and guess what replaced it?

(it's very comfortable and shows the time very brightly and I don't hate the pink strap at all.)

Bag-sewing: still obsessing about it. I have some gifts to give toward the end of June and I'm having to work hard to steer my thoughts away from something I make myself because I am practically certain I won't have time to do it.

Retirement: thinking about it all the time. Not least that I need a special piggy bank just to save up for it.

Even though I do think about how to pay the rent when I finally stop having any income at all, I didn't realize until now what a difference it makes to be able to finance a good residence option. By which I mean not just a nice place near public transit but one that will help protect against preventable situations like forgetting your meds too many days in a row, or falling and breaking a hip, or just getting sick and having that go unnoticed or written off by well-meaning loved ones as something less serious than it is.

Driving: ditto. I've had to rethink my plan for driving every day because I don't multitask creative and practical tasks very well, and right now I have a creative deadline that I think is responsible for my very poor parking. (hey, if I can place the blame elsewhere...) So I'm going to take two days off from driving, work like crazy, and then get back to intensive driving for two days and see how that works.

The test is two weeks away, as of today. Freak out much? yes.

Which leaves the second small house idea. It's totally totally crazypants, but I've been looking at the real estate listings anyway. And if you're reading this blog, you don't have to ask why.


TexNan said...

I love the way your mind works. ;^) Love also that you're thinking about a retirement fund. We left it pretty late, though thankfully wound up comfortable. But we're thinking about aging too. (We'll get there first!) And if one of us is left alone, we'll have to sell our place--it's too big for one. Meantime though, I'm lovin' my separate studio/workshop. Hope you find one!

Sally Anne said...

I think the second small house is a brilliant idea. It's exciting to look and dream !