Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Retiring ways

Lately my job has been to look into retirement living and whoa, where can I sign up? All your meals prepared, tray service when you're sick, all your laundry done and pressed and hung back up for you, your space professionally cleaned every week, entertainment brought in... man. Bliss.

I could use some retirement right now if it meant a guilt-free break from driving practice. I had to take breaks on both Saturday and Sunday owing to extreme weather conditions (proof: many more giant tree branches all over the neighbourhood lawns and porch roofs and on the roads) and I thought I used the time effectively to catch up on life, but apparently not.

And the break didn't make me a better driver either because during yesterday's 30 minutes of trying to build on the meager parking skills acquired during last week's lesson, I managed to hit the curb so many times I fear it thinks I'm annoyed with it.

One thing I do know, I think - I'm pretty sure but I may guilt myself out to the driveway about 9:30 so I don't carry guilt all day - is that I'm taking today off too so that I can catch up on work and maybe even catch a nap. For some reason I can't imagine I haven't been sleeping well.

Okay, so maybe I will drive to the grocery store. I can practice back-in parking... and pick up some chamomile tea.

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