Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crazypants idea of the day

Okay, let's just say for example that you live in a super small house and can't find a bigger one you like and can afford to live in for more than a week.

What if you

bought a second small house a block or three away and turned one of them into The Hobby House?

Think about it! Sweep away those thoughts of property tax (which might actually be a wash compared to the sum total on one really big place) and heating bills and imagine what it would be like...

all your stuff in one place, and all your sleeping/eating/essential living space in another, with a walk in between to force you out into the fresh air on a daily basis

your home office far enough from the bed to prevent you from reaching for a file at 3am

no more forcing a room to do triple duty all in one day and doing all the cleanup required for same

no shortage of yard work - more exercise potential! - or space for tomato-growing

Oh, it would be lovely (apart from the extra snow shoveling). And kinda more practical than the other Crazypants idea of having a big house in a distant small town for stuff-storage and weekends and the small one in the city for the week, don't you think?

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