Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No time like lunch

While stuck in bed with a fast-emptying box of tissues at my side I've been thumbing through my copy of How to Read a French Fry, a cookbook I got when I was wanting to know more about the science of cooking. (another more exhaustive one was Cookwise.)

This is both an entertaining and educational book, being as I say about the science , but it does have a lot of cheery recipes in it too like white peach and fig ice cream, and eggplant and goat cheese casserole, and roasted beet and orange salad.

I'm not actually a huge fan of eggplant, and I haven't been sufficiently motivated yet to buy an ice cream maker, but I do love reading the instructions.

That said, I know my limits. I have family coming for lunch today and I'm sick, I have a ton of knitting to get done and not enough time to do it in, and the house is still something of a mess. So we will be eating this:

I couldn't do any of that better myself anyway.

(but I am totally all over the beet and orange salad once I'm better. With goat cheese on top!)

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