Thursday, July 15, 2010

Porch picnic

Today has been the perfect sort of day to spend outside, especially while eating.

It's hot but there's a breeze, and I finally got organized about a proper wasp trap:

You fill it with apple juice and the wasps fly in to drink it, leaving you to enjoy your lunch in peace.

I didn't get around to eating the all the croissants I bought from the French bakery on Monday for a tea party, but stale croissants are awesome when toasted, so they automatically went on the picnic list. I like them best with butter and honey but that's a bit too evil for lunch so I stuck with cheese.

Sandwich planning bonus: the heirloom cherry tomatoes are ripe already.

I'm so glad I put furniture on the porch this year.

(caveat: the heirloom tomatoes? delicious in a buttery croissant, bitter and a bit ew on their own. I'll be cooking with these or throwing them into a pasta salad, if I ever remember to buy more pasta, which is debatable considering I forgot again today after going into the grocery store specifically to get some.)

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Karen said...

That's it. Enough with this whole "work" thing. I'm coming to your house for lunch.