Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vindication for the ice cream

Yesterday I was horrified to prefer a fairly unexciting bean soup to a seriously expensive single scoop of ice cream purchased from a posh shop in a posh part of town.

Today, under duress (really!) (okay, not really) I went to a different ice cream shop. Not posh, but a serious favourite from my university days.

I couldn't decide what flavour to order so I went for the same as yesterday - chocolate orange - and tried not to gasp when the bill for same rang up at almost half what the posh shop was charging.

Also: I got two scoops of ice cream, not one.

Also: it was delicous.

Soooo much yummy orange flavour! The other ice cream, which shall remain nameless, was bland and had bits of tasteless rind in it. This was like smoothly frozen fudge infused with orangeness.

My friend had vanilla, also a replica of yesterday's choice, and found that it too was way better. Way better even than Baskin-Robbins, our usual benchmark for ice cream parlour deliciousness.

As we ate, people kept coming in, one at a time, for ice cream. As we left we found the ones had turned into a solid lineup out the door. Ha! Not only did we get great ice cream, we beat the rush.

So: if you're visiting Toronto, you want to check out Greg's Ice Cream at Bloor and Spadina. Bliss in a cone (or a cup.)

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