Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boot Camp

Much earlier in the summer, before I decided to submit two competition pieces three days apart on two weeks' notice, I designated this, the last week of August, as 'Boot Camp.' I knew the pizza and holiday fudge would catch up with me eventually, and I was right, and that means this week it's soup made with home-made chicken stock, vast quantities of farmstand fruits and veggies, and a looootta time at the gym.

But most of all, it's no-snacking-after-7 week. Fortunately all the fudge and candy bars mysteriously disappeared (into my tummy) a couple of days ago so I was finally able to do that last night. I feel much better today, and that's annoying because I feel much better every time I skip the snacks. Just once I'd like to feel glorious after midnight chocolate feastings. Chocolate is so darn delicious.

The real test comes Saturday, when I find out whether I can complete even one of the two pieces without feeding my brain any processed sugars. That one is harder to believe but hey, it's science, so I gotta try...

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