Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minibreaks vs. Vacations

When I was a kid, summer vacation meant (or felt like, not always a good thing) a week or two someplace a fair distance from home. This summer I'm taking what seems like a zillion minibreaks a good deal closer to home.

Which is better?

Well, a long vacation means thinking ahead two weeks and shutting down your life for as long. Minibreaks with an internet connection don't require you to shut down your life for longer than it takes to travel to your destination, and less than that if you have a smackberry, which I don't. But they do require you to consider every possible variation in setting or dress that could possibly occur for the two or three days you're gone. And to pack accordingly. Over and over again.

And doing insane amounts of laundry because even if you didn't wear that top, it's going to smell funny when you get it back from its travels through hotel and suitcase.

That's what it comes down to, really. This summer, it's not so much about the vacation - it's about celebrating the wonderful new washing machine in the basement.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

I remember dancing around the house with a new vacuum, one time. Celebrating new appliances is a worthy occupation!