Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life Begins on Thursday

... sometime after one, to be exact.

After the new washer arrives, I can once again garden with impunity and get my clothes as dirty as I like, assuming I don't find a zillion other better things to do. But they'd have to be really, really good things because the weeds and even the few scraps of the grass that used to grow in patches out there are trying hard to convince everybody that they belong between the yews and the hostas and in front of the boxwood hedge. What I need is a big-time Weed and Mulch Day to let them know how wrong they are.

Like that's gonna happen. All I can think about is getting busy on the revisions to chapter two... definitely, I've become a reverse procrastinator.

But a procrastinator with a shiny new washer on its way. Yay!

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