Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Which I Feel Remorse for all the Ice Cream

Well, not so much the ice cream, because I lost weight eating that, right? Maybe it was all the chocolate.

Last night I went to a fun run as cheerer-on. I tried to do the 15K last year and did the last 2 or 3 of them in an ambulance, so I wasn't going to try it again this year. But seeing all those runners having a great time with their glitter and butterfly wings and floaty skirts I thought, Yeah, I miss running.

For some reason I've never been able to balance writing and exercise. If I have just one free hour, I will almost always choose to write. But I've also noticed that when my focus is on writing I can't budge it, and when my focus is on exercise I don't care about anything but eating right and getting out there.

Oh well, it's nearly September, and another thing I've never been able to do is lose that back to school frame of mind. Back to school, back to order and discipline. It's not like exercise doesn't free your mind to work out plot problems and boost your creativity, if I can just figure out how to harness the two activities together. Meanwhile, it's back to the elliptical trainer for me. Yay, iPod.

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Karen said...

As I prayed for death during my interval training class this morning, I realized: this hour of torture is buying me a free ticket to knit for the entire rest of the day! The thought kept me moving long enough to survive the class and drag myself home, where I am currently doing exactly what I want to do, with no guilt or feelings that I ought to be doing something else. Highly recommended!