Saturday, August 30, 2008

Writers Market

Who knew that bread baking could lead to a great lesson in book marketing? Jeff Hertzberg himself commented on yesterday's entry about brioche (some of which, by the way, I'm thinking about using to make blueberry-lemon curd bread for a family brunch tomorrow.) He co-wrote the book the recipe came from.

I don't have to ask how many hits he had to go through to find a link to my little blog (a ton), but I do have to wonder how many writers are willing to work that hard - not only hunting for, but also e-mailing website links to, every site that mentions their book. I'd probably do the hunting and then be too shy to say anything.

That's just not good business, being too shy. More and more I'm amazed by the depth and breadth of skills required of a financially successful writer today, compared to fifty years ago. Usually I consider it a curse, but when it comes to writing I'm darned grateful I'm naturally chatty and a little compulsive.

And now, I'm gonna go reorganize my whole wheat bread dough. I love the Tupperware thing, but it's harvest season and I need more 'frig space for blueberries and - mmmm - seedless concord grapes.

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