Thursday, April 9, 2009

Desk Set

Lately I've been rediscovering the beauty of working at a desk, on paper with a pen, with a window and a view on the other side of it. Trouble is, the desk I've been using is a multi-purpose zone; I can't leave my papers out to come back to in three hours, which I'm beginning to think would be rather useful. It doesn't have a lamp either, or anyplace to plug one in. It's a daylight-only zone.

Which is not to say I couldn't go on working there productively just as I have been. And that is exactly why, I think, that I have once again been snuffling around the house with a tape measure hunting for a place where I could sneak in a new desk just for writing. The more compact the better-- in a small house like mine, maximizing scraps of otherwise useless square inch-age is a real rush.

As it turns out I have another window with a view and just such a scrap of mostly-useless space, and IKEA has introduced a leg for its mix-n-match table and leg collection that would get around the problem of the radiator that dominates said scrap. For $60, I could buy myself some writing real estate. The catch? I'd lose the bottom two shelves of my tiny but much-used bookcase. Ouch.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

oooh- book shelf or desk. That's a hard one. On the other hand, if I took books off of a shelf, they'd just end up in piles where the shelf used to be, and then someone in the house would get tired of stepping over the piles (not me, I can step over piles infinitely) and buy another shelf just to get the damn books up off the floor, so voila- I'd have a shelf AND a new desk...