Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where my ideas come from

There are enough related themes running around in my head at any given time to make a pretty hot collage if I were more about art than words. The current cycle:

psychic communication
loss and opportunity

Wait a minute - I was sure there was ice cream in there somewhere.... No? What a morbid girl I am.

Moving right along: the thing I find most interesting is how these ideas are linked and reinforced by friends keeping me up to date with their own ideas and experiences, and by events in the media, and by the books I am reading. I've heard that concepts float around in the ether and we all pluck them out to examine them, leading to shared interests and familiar plots in novels. But I wonder whether we are plucking what has already engaged us? Like when you don't see white trenchcoats anywhere until you buy one, and then they're everywhere.

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