Friday, April 24, 2009

It must be spring

Yes, it's true - in the midst of the full schedule, I went shopping last night. Not really for fun, though when is shopping entirely not fun? Don't answer that.

So maybe my purchases were not thrill-inducing, but they could have been. An amusement park fair thing was set up in the parking lot of my target department store, complete with a Model T Ford ride that tugged kids along a track at a pace only slightly faster than snail, presumably to avoid seatbelt obligations. It was so pretty out in the warm spring air, with all the coloured lights and bobbing bags of candy floss and giant stuffed toys you would never, ever win and a ferris wheel with spinning cages that are probably a hoot for other people with more settled stomachs than my own. I could have slipped in there if I'd wanted and thrown a ball at a target or ridden a ride maybe, unless grownups are too tall to climb into snail-outpacing Model T Fords.

But I went home instead of doing those things because I am committed to my work schedule: I was born to knuckle down when there are deadlines to meet. And also, I'm more of a carousel kind of girl.

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Anonymous said...

I agree: carousels every time. What a woman of taste you surely are.