Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Season

ugh. Every year in the days following Christmas I think, I'm definitely pulling together the tax numbers now so my return will go in early this time. And every year I find something else to do. Sometimes I put a lot of effort into the procrastination, by painting or overhauling the house or cooking elaborate meals or something. This time I think I just napped.

And now here I am, with two weeks or so to go, leafing through the monetary evidence of last year's memories, deeming them frivolous, well-deserved, or downright astonishing (those gas bills!) and reflecting on the time that's past as though it were New Year's. Which reminds me again that I really should do this job in December for multitasking advantage: the full benefit of reflection + proof of wise and poor choices + resolutions and clear motivation to improve in future = the luxury of enjoying the spring weather guilt-free.

I'm thinking it's okay this time that I procrastinated, though, because now I get to work at a desk with a view. The investment in which I will be able to wait until next year to deem foolish or brainy.

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