Thursday, April 16, 2009


Maybe it's because I never went to a school with a uniform, or maybe it's because I've always been interested in multitasking, or maybe it's because swift decision-making has never been my strong point, but from girlhood I've been a sucker for the idea of a 10-piece wardrobe that takes you through a whole season.

It was those photo spreads in my mother's Woman's Day and Family Circle magazines that started me off, I think. And then when I started sewing - you could buy patterns with enough different pieces to make a coordinating wardrobe of skirt, dress, vest, shirt etc. I ate that stuff up and still do. But this past winter: this was the pinnacle. I pared myself down to one pair of jeans, one skirt, and one dress that I rotated almost without interruption, aided and abetted by three long-sleeve Ts and two short-sleeve Ts to layer over them and one pair of woolly leggings. Nine pieces! and they all folded up small! and nobody knew because it was winter and everybody had a giant coat and hat on.

Well, those days are gone as of today. We're getting real spring/summer weather that's way too warm for a hat or a coat... I'll have to call my hair finally grown out enough from last October's miscalculation and get it trimmed, and figure out a new mini-wardrobe. Shopping doesn't count as procrastination, does it?


Anonymous said...

If shopping doesn't count, nothing counts. (But you know that)

st. jude said...

You totally made this condition contagious, by the way. Although you'd never be able to tell it looking at my current closets/ floor.

When I was about 10 I remember catching this obsession from you. After your visit I would make lists of wardrobe basics to take on imaginary trips (like to visit you overseas!) I even remember some of the clothing items. They were ugly. Like two-tiered corduroy skirts (one green and one maroon).

I also recall that in these lists I indulged in the affectation of calling a particular wardrobe item a "pant". Glory.