Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Temptation in print

I wrote fiction yesterday! Effortlessly, too, though the hot chocolate and banana pecan muffin I inhaled between words might have been motivational. I wasn't hungry again for about 5 hours after I had them so they were certainly something.

And now, having broken through the block after all this time, I am going to risk mentioning the magazine I spotted on Sunday. 'Paper' is in the title of the magazine series though I believe it refers to paper put to crafty use rather than anything I should even be thinking about. Still. This particular issue is a special one about studio space. It has bright shiny pictures of things I like, and the subject is organization, and really the Easter bunny should be dropping a copy into a basket with my name on it, yes?

Or maybe surrounding myself with masses of arty supplies would be the equivalent of dropping 2 tons of limestone screenings on the tender plant that is the short-story-in-progress?

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Wahoo on the fiction!
The Paper may emcompass messages from The Muse, or it may be nothing but Distraction trying to worm her way in. It's hard to tell sometimes. Give in a little bit and see where it takes you, but don't lose sight of the fiction.