Monday, June 7, 2010

How to give a new life to an old photo album

Yesterday while I avoided clearing out the clutter from my erstwhile workshop (now better described as 'junk heap') a friend dropped by with a bright swirly old photo album acquired from a neighbour's curb.

Because it's obvious that I need more stuff in my life.

The photographs had been removed, so there wasn't much potential there.

But the cover reminded me of this one:

It's an accordion book made by gluing paper or cloth down over two pieces of cardboard, then gluing a long strip of folded paper over their edges.

Makes a nice blank book that you can write in either before or after the gluing. Anyway, it seemed like an effective use of the swirly cover, so I performed surgery,

thereby facilitating the creation of another accordion book.

(afterward, I realized I could also have just taped new pages over the existing ones without cutting them out at all - so there you go, a scissors-free option.)

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