Monday, June 14, 2010

Maximum blanket

I set aside most of this weekend for sewing some little hiking satchels for some little friends' birthday gifts, aka 'art therapy', but I actually did some cleaning up around the house too, which tells me that all the recent stress and deadlines must really be receding at last. Well, the deadlines, anyway.

Tomorrow, with luck, I'll post the tutorial for the satchels which came out well enough for me to want an adult-sized one of my own for knitting in transit, but today I want to say:

Yay vintage fabric!

I didn't use anything old for the boy satchel, but the girls' ones are made from a twin-sized sort-of chenille bright pink cotton bedspread that is just




Normally it would be so painful for me to cut into such a thing lest I two weeks later come across a girl who needs one, but this particular spread had some apparently unremovable coffee stains in the middle and I was able to cut around them without guilt.

And really: think about it. It was one bedspread for one person, and already I've cut from it three bags for three people and there is tons more fabric where that came from. I can probably get six big things out of it and add elements of it to six more and spread the cuteness across some seriously wide territory.

Now if I could just think of some projects for the somewhat-damaged crochet tablecloths.


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