Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I have been sewing

This morning when I was about to pour a glass of milk I stopped myself from reaching for the glass shelf because I really only wanted a little, and went for a teacup instead. And that got me thinking - why? I can pour the exact same small amount of milk into a big glass as into a teacup, plus the glass shelf is a whole lot easier to reach than the teacup one I have to stand on my toes to reach, not to mention that I'm not likely to run out of either kind before I wash dishes again.

Am I that wedded to my spatial sense or am I just obsessive? Don't answer that.

In other news, I've made a couple of tote bags:

There's a little pocket inside, too.

I wrote down for future reference the measurements of each piece without considering the serious angle on which IKEA printed this sailboat stuff onto the fabric, but the degree to which I had to sew inside the intended lines made the measurements kind of irrelevant, so I won't post that info this time.

Still, cute bags, yes?