Friday, June 25, 2010

A narrow escape

This is a fashion/sewing story so, you know, I won't be offended if you run screaming right now.

Okay: the weather being what it is right now (summertime warm) I've been seeing all the little girls in the neighbourhood parading around in bright print cotton dresses that billow over their shorts or capri pants and their pretty T shirts and I'm thinking - smart! Then of course I see the not-so-little girls, the teen ones whose goals are rather different from sandbox-related playtime, and I think - whoa!

Here's the thing. Clinging garments with a wide belt wrapped tightly around the torso may achieve many things, but they will not keep you cool in summer. It's the little girls who've figured it out - comfy cotton next to your skin to absorb the inevitable glow resulting from racing around in 80+ degrees Fahrenheit, with a roomy tunic over top for colour and, with luck, pockets.

And yet the people responsible for putting clothes into stores haven't figured this out (any more than they've figured out larger-sized women are just as willing to pay for fun clothes as smaller-sized ones, but that's another story.) So I spent yesterday designing a little tunic in my head

one that I would sew, myself.

Danger! Danger!

Taking on a sewing project without a pattern that requires fitting and a lot of fabric... oh boy. I could forget writing for at least a month.

Fortunately I knew I would need some yoga-shaped capri pants to carry it all off, so I headed to the local discount department store to pick some up and you won't believe what I found there.

Little-girl tunic-type mini dresses sew in a bright linen/cotton blend in adult sizes! They look pretty much exactly like the base shape I was imagining, and everything - all I have to do is add some pockets, and some lining to the cream-coloured one, and fix the collar on the black one that already had pockets.

Yes, I cannot leave well enough alone. But it's still less time-stealing than making a whole jumper, right?

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