Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Probably not writing today. Might write! but probably not.

If I'm going to procrastinate though, it's nice when I pick 'cleaning' over, say, 'watching a movie'. Well, nice for people who come to the house or were hoping I would be able to find something they needed that I offered to loan. For me, nice is blinders + movie. This is why knitting is such a good fit for me, because I can watch the movie and still be accomplishing something (even if I make a mistake early on and then have to rip it all out again. It still counts, just like ice cream eaten on a day that ends in 'y' between 3-3:15pm has no calories.)

Anyway judging by the increasingly bad feelings I get every time I go to hang up laundry in there, today might be the day I tear apart the junk heap that's been building in the workshop since Christmas, and that definitely means no writing.

Or cooking of supper!


(or maybe I will just watch the movie.)

(or get that satchel tutorial together.)

(or both?)

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