Thursday, June 24, 2010

Reverse rainmaking

We'd best just establish right here that I am not much of a runner: at my best several years ago, I could run for 45 whole minutes without stopping, which felt award-worthy to me. At that point I didn't hate making every step, and I didn't get out of breath, and I didn't worry I looked like a red-faced idjit to everybody who passed.

But today, for a change from the usual Keep Mary Healthy schedule my long-suffering trainer holds me accountable to, Carol and I were going to run. If the weather was nice. Which is to say, not pouring rain like it has been every other day for a week.

Well, as turned on the computer this morning the rain was pouring down from an angry sky and I started thinking Oh please rain, go away. If it keeps raining not only will I have to do the horrible ab strengthening things Carol makes me do every time we stay in the gym, I will have to carry my running shoes and walk in my too-big rain boots, which when I am late and having to sprint always gives me shin splints (and as I'm sure you can guess, I am always late and having to sprint. Seriously, my neighbours stand with their jaws down on the rare occasions they see me at a stroll, which is pretty embarrassing.)

Rain rain go away, I thought, and as I got ready to write this post I could see some bright rays breaking over the patio umbrella that shuddered under the weight of the pounding water. And as I typed, the rain was pouring down through pure sunlight.

And now at the end of this post the sun is shining and the trees are dripping and I am feeling very happy even if it wasn't just the power of Rain rain go away that did the trick (or is it?)

Either way: take that, too-big rain boots!

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