Saturday, September 6, 2008

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Man, what is WRONG with me?

I started getting little ideas for Christmas gifts (to give to other people, not for them to give to me, though I'm sure that's on the horizon as well) last week, and I ignored them, because for pity's sake we haven't even had Hallowe'en or Thanksgiving yet.

Speaking of which I think it was the prospect of cooking another turkey that brought it on. I was reminded of that when I went into Williams-Sonoma to buy a special tool for dividing bread dough - cheap as heck and so useful I'm kicking myself for being too stingy to get one before - because I used the Williams-Sonoma How to Cook a Turkey brochure for my first one, which I cooked on Boxing Day last year. Nothing like a little pressure. Or maybe it was when I bought the really awesome... okay, never mind, I don't want a niece or nephew stumbling across the current top candidate for this year's chocolate-filled present.

In any case, today I'm working, which bears a very fine distinction from writing in that I feel more guilty about sneaking off to surf for a purveyor of the one item I think would be perfect for whomever when I am editing for money than when I am writing for myself. So I should not be looking for the item I was just seeking. And I definitely should feel more guilt about doing it.

There really must be something wrong with me today. Maybe I should take my temperature... right after I find out when the Grimsby arts fair is this fall.

* * * * *

UNbelievable. It's today. I wonder if I still have time to go...

* * * * *

Nope. Maybe next year.

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