Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tupperware oh Tupperware

I'm like a serial monogomist when it comes to shopping, or maybe a scuba diver - when I find a product line that works for me, I just keep working my way down the list until I have one of almost everything. Witness my Bazura Bag obsession, which I keep thinking has to stop and then doesn't. I must have about thirty of the things now in various sizes and shapes and I'm still finding new uses for them.

Anyway, if I didn't have Tupperware I couldn't be storing vast amounts of bread dough in the 'frig or freezer, or safely packing up crushable snacks for outings, and for some reason these things are now an indispensable part of my life. I like efficiency, especially if I'm procrastinating... it makes me feel virtuous about not writing.

Which is why I should probably stop buying Tupperware and sit down with the new short story idea. And why I e-mailed my Tupperware ladies today instead to start up another season of shopping and storing.

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