Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, that was fast

No sooner did I regret my lack of interest in finishing the garden, than the solution to another difficult garden problem suddenly popped into my head*. And with it, interest in finishing the garden!

Plus, I cleaned a room yesterday AND did a big chunk of paying work.

So now I'm feeling all girded for this season's major purge, and thinking that I can get to those short stories super soon.

Problem: rotting post = sag in neighbour's fence = view from window.
Impact: major downer in winter.
Solution: attractive trellis nailed into delinquent post above highest fence line to compensate for sag + giant fibreglass pot, filled and shoved against post as prop + attractive tallish evergreen planted in pot = cheerful 4-season view.
Response: bring on the garden gloves, baby!

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