Friday, September 5, 2008

A writing day!

Well, a writing morning. Or half morning. Still! Writing time! I had so much all summer I thought I'd get sick of it, but no.

Also, I've run out of ingredients, so I can't procrastinate making more bread (used up the last of the yeast yesterday) or a huge batch of chicken soup (yesterday's stock project is in the 'frig but I need more actual chicken, having frozen what I cut off the bird for future emergency soups.)

I must say though, it was nice to go back to my old bread recipe yesterday, the one with the amazing, slightly sweet flavour - you can visit and click on Links and then the mysterious phrase related to making the house smell great (third one down if I'm not mistaken) for the recipe. I used the techniques from the 5 minute bread book to carve down the time and number of pots involved and it worked! If I never use that book again, it's paid for itself twice over, right there.

And now to track down my notes about the old lady coveting her neighbour's goods...

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