Thursday, September 4, 2008

How much before breakfast?

So far today I have made lunch and put it in a Thermos, made French toast and put it on a plate, had the shower and the tea that wake me up enough to move past food prep, plus other fripperies - and I might even have time to get out to the garden to cut sage for a possible roast chicken a little later this morning. And then I will eat breakfast.

I probably won't roast a chicken though, since I have no free Tupperware in which to freeze the stock that is the point of the exercise. Plus, it's too darn hot! As my esteemed KnitGeekery friend Karen points out, where was this weather when it was actually summer?

In any case, all of this self-congratulation is pure indulgence. On the weekend it was slow enough in one of my local bakeries for me to be able to ask the owner what time he starts baking bread for the day. I was guessing 4. I guessed wrong. He fires the ovens between 2 and 2:30. Can you imagine how much writing you could do before breakfast if you were conscious enough to be trusted around hot ovens at that hour?

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