Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Just a year or two ago I was baking cookies all the time, as opposed to buying cookies in the grocery store. I'm not sure why I stopped, though the fact that I eat homemade cookies and resist store-bought ones may have been a factor.

(in which case, given the ample supply of leftover Halloween candy, I am in Big Trouble, because...)

I'm addressing that today, having remembered that the key to getting cookies made is to pre-measure as much as possible the night before, when the kitchen is cleaned up from supper and the dishwasher is humming warmly away in the corner, and the house is peaceful.

In the bowls are the makings for 'Quick Oatmeal or Wheat Flake Cookies' from The Joy of Cooking, a great standby and base recipe for interesting additions such as, say, CHOCOLATE. The cookies come out nice and chewy, which I like for oatmeal. And they don't crumble, which is helpful for eating while wandering around the house thinking of what to do (or avoid doing) next.

With luck, they'll even keep me too busy for forays into the aforementioned Halloween candy. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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