Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Linear vs. not

Do you know anybody who likes to do things in a nice orderly sequential fashion? The kind of person who, for example, will bake a cake by

wiping down the counter
preparing the pans and oven
measuring out the ingredients
mixing the batter
putting the batter-filled pan in the oven
and then

making four phone calls, cleaning the spilled milk off the floor, feeding the dryer and giving the washer seconds (or thirds), looking up movie times, scribbling down a birthday greeting and putting a card in an envelope, running to the back yard for a book left on the patio, and daydreaming about last winter's trip to Capri?

Well, it seems that I might be such a person. Less the stuff about phone calls and Capri and movies.

How can I tell?

I am counting five different in-progress knitting projects on my desk at this very moment, and I happen to know there is a sixth somewhere on the bookshelf, because I was working on it last night, and I still haven't done the second draft of the short story I started last spring and want to finish, and I need to find time this week to practice driving again.

And it is making me stressed.

But it is only Tuesday, and the nice thing about Tuesday is that there's a lot of week left in which to correct such overcommitments.

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