Wednesday, December 10, 2008

11 things in 11 days

... down from 19 things in 20 days, which actually isn't down at all since I've lost my day's grace and have only finished 8 things in 9 days so far. Maybe this is an unrealistic goal. Or maybe all the snow shoveling and Christmas shopping and mailings and finishing-off-for-wrapping I did for previously finished projects took up more time than I'll lose in the next week? I can but hope. And leave a few things undone at the last minute.

My pink eye is just as pink as yesterday but no pinker, and not at all goopy, and not terribly hurty, so maybe it's a byproduct of all the nose-blowing that's gone with the end of this cold? Again, hoping.

And knitting. Knitting like the wind! And thinking about more writing courses as I go! Because if my subconscious is working on that Goal problem I mentioned a couple of days ago, it ain't telling me about it.