Thursday, December 11, 2008

And in my spare time...

Truth is usually stranger than fiction, but fiction wins hands down on brief, intense romance. It's always boy meets girl, they hate each other, then fall in love, curtain down. Or boy and girl fall desperately in love and for some reason can't be together, curtain down. If it's opera, the reason is usually dramatic, tragic death.

Even though I know the formula, I can still be swayed in the moment, like now for example. For some reason - putting off knitting perhaps? - I've been watching clips from La Boheme on YouTube. Bear with me and check this out. Apart from Rodolpho's stealthy hand being a bit stalkerish, it's pretty good, huh? Plus I love that this production was set in 1950s Paris.

Okay, so I watched that one and then this one and got back to work, and then I thought, H'mmm, how much more is there? So I watched this scene where Mimi says some affectionate things to Rodolpho, and then I noticed the death scene is here, and then I did some digging and found out you can buy the whole darn DVD here, which I will be suggesting to Santa right about... now. And after that - and after I get myself a Kleenex - I will knit. I promise.

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